Year Groups and the Curriculum


Children at Greenfields receive a broad, balanced, creative and relevant education. 


Whilst Literacy and Numeracy are the foundations, each subject makes a distinctive contribution to the children’s learning journey and development:  Music and Art are important for their spiritual and cultural development; Physical Education and Sport play a key role in both the children’s physical, social and moral development; History, Geography and Science give an essential understanding of our place in the modern world, whilst subjects such as ICT and Design and Technology provide skills crucial for future employment and prosperity.  Language enables our children to engage effectively within our society. 


‘Teachers plan a range of activities that contributes greatly to pupils’ enthusiasm for learning’ Ofsted 2013


Each term, a curriculum web is sent home which details the curriculum which will be covered that term. The curriculum is organised to enable cross-curricular working, where appropriate, with a launch at the start of the unit. At the end of the topic, parents are invited to celebrate the learning the children have completed.


‘Topics are interesting and engage pupils through varied and enriched activities’ 

‘Year 6 pupils explained enthusiastically how the curriculum had become ‘more exciting because there are lots of different things to do’ Ofsted 2013


At Greenfields we aim to help the children develop the skills they will need in life and to take a greater responsibility for their learning. We also encourage a fuller understanding of their personal and social development and aim to equip them effectively to deal with moral and social questions that increasingly arise in their lives.








Curriculum Enrichment Week March 2015

This week the children have been involved in loads of exciting activities making use of the School Grounds. They have done photo mapping, school extension planning, designing new creatures and writing about them, lots of weather related fact finding and activities, measuring of area and perimeter and macro image photography. They have been human SATNAVs, looked at various habitats and created stories based on 'Honey I shrunk the kids'.







Click on the links at the bottom of the page to see the homework timetable and policy, the editing and drafting symbols used by teachers when marking work and the  'Helping your child with Maths' booklet'.


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