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The term inclusion describes the removal of barriers. To “include” is to embrace all people regardless of race, creed, gender, age or disability and to include everybody in society’s economic and cultural activities. 

Inclusion is not just an issue of special educational needs, it concerns all pupils. It may concern measures to help for example: 

· interventions to diminish the difference and fill gaps in learning, such as First Class Number and Code X

· focused challenges for Able, Gifted and Talented pupils

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· targeted work to engage reluctant learners

· management of challenging behavior

· emotional support with ELSA and the FRIENDS programme

· communication with parents  

At Greenfields Junior School we believe that we should treat everybody equally regardless of their race, faith, gender, age or ability.

We welcome all children to learn and play together, support them as they develop into open minded, tolerant young people who are prepared to live in a multicultural, multi-faith and cohesive society. Our policy can be view here.

Inclusion at Greenfields Junior School is also underpinned by the principles of SMSC – social, moral, spiritual and cultural education. 

We encourage all our children to develop a GROWTH MINDSET which enables all children to develop perseverance and a love of challenging learning. More information can be found on the Mind set work website.


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